Payment - FAQs

Learn more about when to expect order confirmation and invoices. Plus, read below to see what happens when an item is out of stock or your order is missing an item.

  • When ordering into store, why do I have to take my payment card with me?

    This security measure is in place to protect our customers, to ensure that we are giving the order to the right person.

    When collecting an order in store placed online or by phone, the cardholder will be required to collect the order in person and also to take the card used for payment. A free of charge chip and PIN check will then be carried out in store at the point of collection.

  • How do I use my Screwfix Vouchers?

    You can spend Screwfix vouchers at any of Screwfix Stores nationwide, or by phone, however you cannot currently redeem vouchers online.

  • I have a Trade UK Card, can I still order online?

    When ordering online, you can select which card type you’d like to pay with. Simply select Trade UK Account Card and enter your card number and expiry date.

  • How do I know my promotion code has been accepted?

    You will see that the discount has been applied in your basket, a summary of the promotion will be displayed.

  • Can I see Ex VAT prices or vice versa?

    There is a link at the top right of each page whereby you can view prices either as Ex VAT or Inc VAT.

  • I have credit on my account, how can I use it?

    You can redeem credit at any Screwfix Stores nationwide, or by phone. Currently it is not possible to redeem Screwfix credit online.

  • Why do I have to pay to reserve stock?

    Currently we do not offer a stock reservation service, therefore, an order must be placed and paid for in full either online, in store or by phone to secure the available stock.

  • What payment cards do you accept?

    Screwfix accept the following Credit and Debit Cards.

    Payment options

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