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Excellent performance

Product Rating 5 stars out of 5
Product Rating 5 stars out of 5

I used this to fit skirting all round the kitchen and worked an absolute treat. Definitely worth the money and would recommend above using a drill-bit and separate countersinking tool as saves me loads of time and effort.

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Erbauer Countersink 12.7 X 70mm

Ideal for cutting plexiglass

Product Rating 5 stars out of 5
Product Rating 5 stars out of 5

Used in a Makita 240v saw to cut 2mm plexiglass sheet. Use MDF sheet under the cut line to support the sheet and clamp the MDF saw guide on top (MDF strip). Set the blade to just cut through the plexiglass sheet and into the MDF support sheet. The blade kerf width of only 2mm and is ideal for cutting plastic. It produces a clean cut far better than cutting by the scoring method.

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Erbauer Circular Saw Blade 165 X 20mm 40T

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