Hand Saw Blades

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Range of hand saw blades to fit many types of hand saws used in every home and workshops. There are various types depending on your saw type, which cut different materials. Size and teeth per inch (TPI) are a very important factor when choosing a handsaw blade as these affect the cutting ability. Bigger teeth are better for softer materials and smaller teeth for harder materials. Bigger teeth tend to cut faster as they cut more material with each pass. The teeth on the blade have a "set" this is the distance they protrude from the centre of the blade which makes the cut wider. The orientation and shape of the teeth will determine how and what type of material they will cut. There are two common types either crosscut or rip, use a crosscut to cut across woodgrain. Always ensure you maintain your blades and check they are straight before starting any job. Keeping a blade clean and dry is important if there is any rust then they are more likely to bind with the wood.

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