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A lawn scarifier is designed to cut through the soil, helping to aerate and remove dead moss and other debris like grass cuttings to encourage healthy lawn growth. Also commonly known as a dethatcher, the best time to use it will depend on the weather and location but as a guide target when the lawn growth is at its prolific. Without scarifying your lawn it will hold water within the top layer leaving it soggy, this also attracts the moss to grow more. Ideally, treat your lawn with a moss killer first before raking, then cut the lawn on a low setting before scarifying the lawn on a high setting. To get the perfect finish ensure you apply top soil and then seed where necessary. Choose a power type depending on the size of your lawn, electric tend to be ideal for small to medium lawns, whereas a petrol scarifier would be more suitable for medium to larger gardens.

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WR6002-1500 32cm Raker & Scarifier 230-240V (296FG)

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WR6002-1500 32cm Raker & Scarifier 230-240V


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True Temper Lawn Scarifier (8460X)

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True Temper Lawn Scarifier


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