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Plumbing systems are reliant on gravity to move fluids from one point to another however there are times when you can't rely on gravity and need to pump these fluids in a particular direction. Macerators work by changing waste solids into liquids using a high speed rotational blade and then pumps this waste into the drainage system in the normal manner. They are a great solution when wanting to create another bathroom and the existing soil and vent pipe is on another wall. We have a wide range of macerators for sale on our website with a great choice of brands and power options available.

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Turboflush Macerator 550W 240V (94490)

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Turboflush Macerator 550W 240V



Grundfos Sololift2 C-3 Grey Water Pump (4397F)

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Grundfos Sololift2 C-3 Grey Water Pump



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