Screwfix Card

Screwfix Card

A quicker way to order in store

Get yours next time you visit a store


Here's How it Works...

Pick up your card in store

Pick up your Screwfix Card next time you visit a store or ask a member of the team for more details.

Give your details one last time

Tell us your surname and postcode one last time so that we can link your card to your account.

Show your card every time you visit

Then let us scan your card or key fob every time you visit to quickly find your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Screwfix Card?

    The Screwfix Card is a quicker way to order in store. Each card has a unique code on it which can be linked to your account.

  • What are benefits of the Screwfix Card?

    Once the card is linked to your account, you don’t have to confirm all of your details every time you shop, plus all your orders will be stored under one account.

    It’s also an opportunity to check your contact details and make sure you are not missing on regular promotions, deals and sale events which we communicate to our customers by post, email and SMS. We also occasionally send out vouchers and even free gifts. To receive them, make sure we have all your details up to date.Importantly, we will never share your details with third parties or outside companies. If needed, more can be found at

  • How do I get a Screwfix Card?

    The Screwfix Card is only available in store. Simply pick up a card at the till and show the code on the back so that we can link it to your account.

  • What if I lose my Screwfix Card?

    You can pick up a new Screwfix Card in store and have it linked to your account.

  • Can I have more than one Screwfix Card or account?

    Yes, one account can have multiple cards associated to it, however we can only link one account to each card so you would need to have a card (or a key fob) for each account.

  • Do I need to give more details to get a Screwfix Card?

    We only need the standard information; i.e. name and address details to create an account to link the Screwfix Card to.

  • Do I have to have a Screwfix Card to shop with Screwfix?

    No, you can shop as usual – the Screwfix Card is a quicker option, avoids giving all details every time and helps keep all orders on the same account.

  • Can I shop in store without my Screwfix Card?

    Yes, your account can still be found in the usual way, or use the QuickShop apps ‘Screwfix Card check in’ feature.