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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register for an account on the Screwfix App?

    If you have an online account with us, you can simply sign in using the same details. If you're new to shopping online but have shopped in one of our stores or via the Contact Centre then you just need to make sure you have a valid email address associated to your account. To set this up, just pop into one of our stores or contact us.

    If you're brand new to Screwfix, you just need to tap "Register" from the Welcome Screen and follow the steps to create your Screwfix account. We'll send you an email to complete your registration and then you can log in using the details you've just set up! Please note, if you have shopped with us before this will create you a new separate account and will not show your previous purchases on the new account.

  • What are my quick sign-in options?

    We know one of the biggest things we needed to fix was the number of times you were required to log in to our old app. To help with this, we've implemented a couple of secure options for you:

      1. Stay signed in - This is for the smoothest possible app experience. If you tap "Yes" to this option, you won't need to worry about logging in next time you go back to the app, we'll take care of that for you.
      2. Fingerprint/Face ID - If you don't want to stay signed in, you can choose to set up your device fingerprint or face ID instead. Any time you're required to enter your credentials, you can use your device biometrics.

    You can also manage your preferences within the 'More' menu.

  • What is in store check-in?

    In store check-in is a brand new feature that we really hope makes Click & Collect easier and quicker. Using status updates for your collection orders (which you can also see in the 'My Orders' section!) we can enable a feature that allows you to let us know when you've arrived at store to collect your order!

    As long as you’ve enabled location services, if you open the Screwfix app when you arrive at the store to collect your order when it's ready to collect (please continue to wait for your notification or SMS letting you know) you will have the ability to "Check-in". This lets us know you're here to get your order. All you need to do is head to the collection area/join one of the lanes in store with your ID and payment card ready.

  • How do I manage the products in my basket?

    We know that when you get to the basket, you might need to manage your products, whether that’s changing the fulfilment/delivery method or removing the product. You can do this by swiping from right to left on the product card. This should open a tray with all available options visible.

    In the app, you can always tell if a card can be swiped by a small, vertical bar visible on the right of the card.

  • Can I create an order and pay in cash?

    Yes! If you build a basket and decide that you want to complete your order in store, there's a small QR code icon in the top right hand corner. Tapping this will generate a QR code that contains all of your products, quantities and any promo codes you've added. Simply show the code to a colleague at a till in store and it will load up your account and transfer all the products to the store system.

    Please note, generating the QR does not reserve your order in the same way ordering via Click & Collect does.

  • What is selected store and how do I set it?

    Your selected store is where we'll check stock and is also where you'll collect any orders. You can change it any time through the 'Find a Store' section of the app. Your selected store also applies to, so if you make changes on your app it will also change on your desktop, and vice versa.

    You can also view key information about your selected store, such as opening times and other services.

  • Can I manage my previous orders?

    Yes! Our 'My Orders' section lets you search and manage all your previous orders. You can find them by date, order reference and product. You can use your order section to check on the status of collection orders and also to "Buy Again" which will add a previous order straight back into your basket!

    Our app holds your receipts for 18 months. If you're looking for an older one, pop in to store or give our customer service line a call. You'll need your order reference for us to be able to find it.

  • I'm an electricfix/plumbfix customer, can I see my exclusive deals on the app?

    Yes! If you log in to the app using the email linked to your Electricfix or Plumbfix account, not only will you see specific content, but also all of your exclusive products and prices

  • Can I track my order through the app?

    Unfortunately tracking your order through the app isn’t something we’ve been able to implement. However, if you’ve got notifications turned on, we'll send you a message when your delivery order has been shipped and that will contain a link to track your order through our delivery provider.

  • How do I manage my settings (e.g. notifications and location)?

    When in the app, there is a 'More' button on the right-hand side of the bottom navigation. This menu not only contains access to other areas of the app, but also allows you to manage all your permissions and settings.

    You can change your sign-in preferences or manage your permissions for location, notifications and marketing content.

  • What is Screwfix Card and how do I use it in store?

    Your Screwfix card is a QR code that securely contains your account information. When you log into the app, you will have access to this QR code. Once in store, if you show it to a member of staff they will be able to scan the code and load your account on the in store ordering system instantly.

    They will need to confirm a couple of details to ensure they have the right account.

  • Can I still access the Screwfix catalogue?

    With our search and browse features, we hope you can find everything you need quickly and easily without the need to flick through the pages on screen. You also have access to our full range, including online exclusive products! However, you can still download the Screwfix Catalogue app to access a digital version of our latest publications, build lists, and order in store.

Were we able to answer your question? If not please Contact Us.