Google Nest

Google Nest are innovators of the thoughtful home, creating products that not only complement one another but learn from the behaviour of the user to create a bespoke smart home. Linked to a smart network and accessed via the app, home heating, security and electronics are available at the touch of a button, enabling the homeowner to monitor and control their home remotely. Seamlessly linked with the Google Assistant, Google Nest smart products can be controlled hands free simply by saying a command out loud with voice match technology in place to deliver personalised updates.

Shop Google Nest Smart Heating

Google Nest smart heating products are designed to learn from you, getting to know the temperature you like when you’re home and switching off when you are away. With energy saving in mind Google Nest smart thermostats can be controlled from the Nest app, so you can make adjustments to your heating and hot water from anywhere. The Google Nest app will also show you the amount of energy being used every day, so you can see how to use less, saving money.

Shop Google Nest Smart Security

Google Nest smart security allows you to monitor your home from anywhere at any time from your mobile phone, tablet or computer, providing you ultimate convenience and giving you complete control over your home security. Google Nest Smart Home Cameras stream in top quality video to your device and send motion alerts directly to you when movement is detected within the household. Google Nest Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms detect fast or slow burning fires and carbon monoxide. They can be mains or battery powered and can be controlled via the app.

Shop Google Nest Smart Speakers

Operating Google Assistant, Google Nest smart speakers are ready and waiting to action voice commands and answer questions. Whether it’s the weather forecast, traffic updates, news headlines or general queries, the Google Assistant uses innovative voice recognition, smart search and relevant content to deliver a personalised experience. With the ability to stream music, manage calendars and control other smart home products, a Google Nest speaker is the ultimate hands free smart device.

Shop Google Nest Connectivity & Entertainment

Google Nest connectivity enhances the smart home set up, enabling seamless streaming from your phone to your TV via Google Chromecast to enjoy TV programmes, films, videos and music. Coupled with Google Wifi, enjoy streaming, downloading and sharing with uninterrupted internet connection.