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Firexo provides a unique ALL FIRE award winning solution and is the first fire extinguishing product, suitable for all 6 EN3-7 recognised classes of fire in one unit, which negates the need for different types of extinguishing products and simplifies safety processes and signage. Their innovative, eco-friendly and readily biodegradable medium is also pH neutral and non-toxic, with versatile temperature ranges and extensive third party testing certification. As it is water-based, disposal and clean up are easier than traditional Powder or Foam products.

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Firexo Fire Safety Products

Suitable for All Fires

Approved to BS EN3-7 extinguisher standards

Award Winning Innovation

Named “Most innovative Fire Safety Solution” 3 years running

Non-Toxic and pH Neutral

Firexo is readily biodegradable, leaving minimal clean up after use

More Cost Effective

Firexo can help to reduce the number of extinguishers on your site

5 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Applies to all Firexo Extinguisher products

Suitable for Small Lithium Ion Fires

Extinguisher Types/ Class of Fire