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Click & Collect

  • check availability in your local store
  • Place your order and pay online
  • collect in just 5 minutes

here's how it works...

choose your store to collect from

Item not in stock to collect today? Order by 7pm (2pm Sunday) and collect next day from any store!

complete your order online

We'll email you a unique reference number and send a text if you have provided your mobile number

collect your items 5 minutes later

Head straight to the collection point, remember to bring the card you paid with

click & collect faq's...

when will my order be ready to collect?

Collect Today

Collect Today items are currently in stock at your chosen store and are available 5 minutes after submitting your order (unless placed outside store hours). Outside store hours Collect Today items will be available when the store is next open.

Collect Next Day

Collect Next Day means that the item is not in stock at your chosen store but can be ordered for collection the following day. Please refer to the table below to check when your Collect Next Day items will be available at the store.

# Please note - Northern Ireland Collect Next Day orders will take 48 hours to arrive at the store.

what do i do once i have submitted my order

can i have items for collection and delivery in the same order?

Yes. Payment will be taken for the whole order and any delivery charges, discounts and bulk savings will be based on the entire trolley total.

what happens on bank holidays?

On Bank Holidays, Collect Today items will be available in 5 minutes as normal (within opening hours).

Collect Next Day orders placed anytime on a Saturday, Sunday or before 2pm on a Bank Holiday Monday will be available to collect from midday on the Tuesday. Collect Next Day orders made after 2pm on Bank Holiday Monday will be available to collect from midday on the Wednesday.

More details will be displayed for Easter and Christmas Bank Holidays as appropriate.

Please always check store opening hours when placing a collection order.