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Rate & Review

Rate & Review

Help others by writing a review about a recent purchase. There is no one better to advise others than you, someone who has used the product! In return you can read other´s reviews to make sure you purchase the right product for the job.

Top Tips

Top Tips on how to write a review
1. Describe the products best feature.
2. Describe the products worst feature.
3. Keep it relevant to the products.
4. Describe how you used it.
5. Be careful not to swear, use other company names or add personal data.


How do I review?
Find the item you want to review, click on "Write a review". Log in (or create a new account if not already registered), rate the product on a scale of 1 to 5 for Value, Features, Performance & Reliability and Overall Rating, then write a few words on what's good and bad about the product.

What should I write?
Consider what you would want to know about the product, what it does well, what could be better. You could also back up your statement with an example of how you've used it. For example: "Robust drill with excellent brake, used by a busy carpenter who uses it every day. I think the only down point is the slow battery charge speed."

How long will I have to wait to see my review published?
As long as you supply a review which is appropriate & meets our criteria, it should be published & live on our site within 3 days of you submitting your entry.

Why hasn't my review been published?
All reviews are moderated for irrelevant or inappropriate content before they are published on our site, therefore some reviews will not be shown. For a successful review the entry must be about the product. Any customer service related enquiry such as late delivery or faulty products should be directed to our award winning customer services team. Reviews including swear words, a competitor's name, personal details or price/promotion information will not be used.

Why could I see my review yesterday, but it no longer appears?
This could be a number of reasons, 1) someone has reported your review as not being compliant with our set criteria. 2) The supplier has changed; therefore all previous reviews have to be removed. 3) The item has been removed from our catalogue.

What if the product I purchased was for my customer?
You can still review the product whilst using the badge of Tradesman. Customers will be interested to hear what you think of the product's quality and features, how easy it was to fit etc.

How long will it take to write a review?
This depends on how much or little you want to write - as little as two minutes or as long as you want!

How many reviews can I write?
You can write as many reviews as you like on as many products as you wish, though obviously only one review per product.

Will my review be published even if I rate it 1 Star?
Yes, we publish all successfully moderated reviews; we are completely unbiased as long as your review meets with the set criteria (see above - Why hasn't my review been published?)

Who will be able to read my review?
Anyone who enters our website and visits the appropriate product page will be able to read your review. We also feature some ratings and reviews in other promotional activity, so keep an eye out as we may be quoting you!

What if the product I've bought is faulty?
If the product you've bought is faulty, a part is missing or it wasn't what you expected, you need to contact our award winning customer service team and they will arrange a replacement or your money back. See more Information on our Money Back and returns Terms & Conditions. Reviews based on faulty goods will not be published.

What if I'd like to talk to someone about delivery or another customer service enquiry?
If you have a customer service inquiry such as delivery you can contact our award winning customer service team who will be able to help with any query or complaint.