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Contact Us


Freephone Telephone: 03330 112 112 (mobile friendly)

UK based Contact Centre open 24 hours a day 7 days a week

For your security, calls may be monitored.

Online Feedback

Feedback We Welcome Your Feedback!
If you have any comments or feedback about the website or Screwfix in general.

Alternatively you can email us:
Screwfix enquiries - online@screwfix.com
Plumbfix enquiries - online@plumbfix.com
Electricfix enquiries - online@electricfix.com
Any enquiries about our European Delivery service - eu.orders@screwfix.com


Stores For more information on the opening times and locations of our Stores please visit the Stores web page.


You can write to us at:

Screwfix Direct Ltd
Trade House
Mead Avenue
Houndstone Business Park
BA22 8RT
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