Alan Ball

Alan Ball is to Carpentry what Alan Ball was to football, permanently on the go. He has plenty of big projects and plenty of appetite to finish them to a gold-winning standard which is why he buys his tools from Screwfix.

On site nickname: Bally

Trade: Carpenter

Favourite Team: Watford

Local Screwfix Store: Hemel Hempstead & Luton

Ashleigh Cole

This DIY’er is famous for her clearing ability, having once renovated and landscaped her entire back garden in just two days, giving her old decking the boot in the process. No stone, or plant pot, was left unturned in her quest for the perfect lawn.

On site nickname: Ash

Trade: DIY'er

Favourite Team: Birmingham

Best job I've worked on: The decking in the back garden

Local Screwfix Store: Leamington Spa & Coventry

Chris Waddle

The only thing that can match Chris’s hair is his accuracy. During his last appearance for Screwfix, Chris managed to strike every log we gave him within a 90-minute appearance. He spends his time teaching kids the skills that make him a successful woodland ranger and gets his tools from his local Sunderland Screwfix store.

On site nickname: Crimbo Chris

Trade: Woodland Ranger

Favourite Team: Sunderland

Best job I've worked on: Timber frame vernacular for a nature reserve

Local Screwfix Store: Lincoln & Sunderland

David Seaman

David Seaman is an engineer and keen DIY’er. As you’d expect he’s great with his hands and often makes jewellery out of found metals and his Screwfix tools.

On site nickname: Diddy

Trade: Engineer

Favourite Team: West Ham and Norwich

Best thing about my name: Easy to get a table at a restaurant

Local Screwfix Store: Cromer

Trevor Francis

With more than one cap to his name, including the black one he is wearing, Trevor Francis is our London Handyman who can tackle any task and leave it looking a million dollars.

On site nickname: Trev

Trade: Handyman

Favourite Team: Arsenal

Best job I've worked on: A bookshelf that I made as a present for the CEO

Local Screwfix Store: Southall

Kevin Keegan

What our Kevin lacks in hair, he makes up for in stature. The carpet fitter is a perm feature in and around the Cheltenham area, and no job is too big for him to manage.

On site nickname: Judith

Trade: Carpet Fitter

Favourite Team: Plymouth Argyle

Best job I've worked on: Created a film set for Alan Rickman and Kate Winslet. A ballroom floor that was meant to look like the garden of Versailles

Local Screwfix Store: Cheltenham

Michael Owen

Michael’s striker instinct is pretty handy when putting nails in roof tiles. Working at the pace of the England legend, our roofer always has his eye on the project goal, working at speed to carry his team over the line.

On site nickname: Mickey

Trade: Roofer

Favourite Team: The Mighty England

Best job I've worked on: The roof on the MK Dons Stadium

Local Screwfix Store: Milton Keynes

Paul Ince

The governor of DIY: no task is too tough, no tool too powerful, no barrow too full. Our Paul has made his very own “dad shed” including sign. Although he told us he built it using Screwfix tools, he never told us where. We imagine centre midfield.

On site nickname: Incey

Trade: DIY'er

Favourite Team: Wolves

Best job I've worked on: Dad shed in the back garden with dad shed signage

Local Screwfix Store: Leicester

Peter Crouch

Our 6 foot DIY’er isn’t as tall as his namesake, but he can still change a lightbulb without having to use a ladder, and he doesn’t have to duck to get into his local Screwfix.

On site nickname: Pedro

Trade: DIY'er

Favourite Team: Coventry City

How many cuppas do you drink in a day: 3 or 4 cups of tea, 8 cups of coffee

Local Screwfix Store: Redditch

Stuart Pearce

Our maintenance engineer rebuilt the inside of a factory. Just like the legend on the field, our Stuart Pearce is a big part of the team.

On site nickname: Louie – Started with his nephew who called him Stuey Louie

Trade: Maintenance Engineer

Favourite Team: Huddersfield Town

Best job I’ve worked on: Rebuilt the inside of a factory after the old one burnt down

Local Screwfix Store: Huddersfield & Bradford

Terri Butcher

A beautician by trade, our Terri doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty (or her overalls) doing DIY projects around her various home renovations.

On site nickname: Tadge or Tazza

Trade: DIY'er

Favourite Team: Huddersfield Town

Best job I've worked on: Nitromorsing a hundred plus spindles of a victorian staircase

Local Screwfix Store: Bitterne

Tony Adams

The big man on the building site is Tony Adams. With hair that David Ginola would be proud of and skills that his customers couldn’t be happier with, he’s one that Screwfix were glad to feature in their starting line-up.

On site nickname: Addsy

Trade: Builder

Favourite Team: Arsenal

Best job I've worked on: A mansion in Chelsea where they had a 5 star chef making breakfast each day

Local Screwfix Store: St.Albans

Ian Wright

Our painter from Derby has as keen an eye for a great finish as his namesake. Goal-oriented, he will always make sure every project he works on gets over the line.

On site nickname: Ian Wright Wright Wright

Trade: Painter

Favourite Team: Derby County

Best job I've worked on: Decorating a six unit barn conversion

Local Screwfix Store: Derby