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GripIt 27 mm Plasterboard Wall Plugs

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GripIt plasterboard fixings are designed to make fixing heavy items onto plasterboard as easy as possible and reduce the space needed in the cavity. To use the fixing effectively, drill the hole in the plasterboard to the desired size, tap in a GripIt plasterboard fixing with a hammer, making sure the anti-rotation blades are horizontal, turn a screw in it a few times then use the gauge provided to secure it. Once it has been turned with the gauge, the wings on the back of the fixing will rotate out and lock, which secures it firmly in the plasterboard. Once happy that the fixing is in the correct place, turn the two small screws on the outer edge of the fixing clockwise until they resist. GripIt plasterboard fixings can also be adjusted to the thickness of the plasterboard and most of them are removable and reusable.

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