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Makita Reciprocating Saws

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Reciprocating saws have established a valuable place in any tool collection, equally popular on a building site or in the home and garden. Different blades are available to cut almost any material, from wood, plastics and metal to tile and stone. Mainly used for demolition and construction, recip saws won't provide you with the cleanest or most accurate of cuts, but the way the motor's power is delivered to the blade and the push / pull cutting action allow for a quick and efficient way of getting through materials. Look for models with variable speed settings to give you more control when cutting, allowing you to use faster speeds on soft materials like wood and slower for hard materials like metal.

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Makita JR3050T/2 1010W Reciprocating Saw 240V (27338)

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Makita JR3050T/2 1010W Reciprocating Saw 240V


Makita JR3050\T/1 940W All-Purpose Reciprocating Saw 110V