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A comprehensive range of decorators' rollers and sets, ideal for general decorating work. Our rollers and sets are available in a range of lengths and are suitable for a range of applications. Top brands offer reuseable or disposable options. Rollers enable you to apply an even coat and cover larger areas with ease. It is essential you prepare you roller for faster painting. For latex paint, apply a little water from a spray bottle to dampen your roller. For oil-based paints, roll the alkyd-appropriate roller sleeve in a tray of paint thinner, scrape off any excess moisture. Rolling your roller down the slope of the tray and into the paint, then lift it out and reroll in the rake. This will cut down on spatter and drips and help with coverage.


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No Nonsense Emulsion Mini Roller Sleeves Medium Pile 4" x 5" 5 Pack


No Nonsense Heavy Duty Woven Acrylic Sleeve Long Pile 12" x 3"

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Harris Contractor MicroPoly Roller Sleeve Long Pile 9" x 1.75"



Wooster 4½" Roller Kit 3 Pcs (3167P)

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Wooster 4½" Roller Kit 3 Pcs